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    Chairman's Message

    The Smooth and successful running of a school particularly a public school like ours-depends mainly on the mutual understanding and co-operation between parents and the school. The common aim of both being all round development and welfare of the child. Whereas, a parent thinks of his own child, the school has to consider the needs of all children and the society at large.

    Teachers! you have a great responsibility to share. It is your duty, May a sacred trust to see that none of these heroes in embryo is thwarted in his career. It is your duty to see that these growing plants receive all nourishment they need. You should remember that you are here because the child is here and that a mistake committed by you at this stage, can never be rectified later by any power on earth.

    Dear children! You can’t learn anything from a teacher unless you respect himand obey him. It does not matter much if your teacher is not so good as you wish him to be. Do not forget that your teacher is a human being and he is liable to error. Give him your helping hand and consider him as your parent. Looking forward to your continued valuable support and co-operation in all our future endeavors as only in best school in bawal.

    Sh. Yogesh Tiwari
    C.R. International School