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Acquisition Programme

This class is taught to students in grades 2nd - 12th. In each division, students explore communication within three distinct domains: personal, community, and media. Within the realm of the personal, students at the youngest levels learn about communicating their feelings and needs, proper greetings and polite manners, and the meaning of body language. Older students, in their exploration of personal and community communication, focus on responding to and managing conflict with peers and complex social scenarios; asking questions and collaborating within academic settings; advocating for oneself; and holding true to one’s ethical compass. In the third, critical area of communication - media - students move from identifying types of media and distinguishing between persuasion, information and entertainment to studying more sophisticated concepts of media bias and awareness of teen-targeted marketing campaigns. Students of all ages spend time learning age-appropriate digital citizenship skills, allowing them to engage safely and responsibly in our increasingly digital world.

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