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Principal Message

Education is neither synonymous to getting certificates or degrees nor it is longer the era of giving importance to the concept of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Education should lead to the harmony of three H's : Hand, Head and Heart. The first 'H' i.e. Hand signifies Physical Excellence the second 'H' i.e. Head represents Academic excellence and the third 'H' i.e. Heart symbolizes Human Excellence. Education for 21st century rests on four pillars :-.

(1) Learning to Learn (2) Learning to Do

(3) Learning to Be (4) Learning to Live Together

When we encourage our child to find answers of his problems himself we encourage him to think. This leads to the development of problem solving skills. When we encourage him to verify for himself what he has learnt, this gives him confidence. This is Academic excellence. When we encourage our child to live together harmoniously with the people of the world with different faiths, beliefs, philosophies who live under different social, political and economic conditions, we promote acceptance and tolerance. This can be achieved when the total environment of the school is happy and that is Environmental Excellence.

We want their hurtful experiences to be few. Ideally we would like our children to be strong, talented and self assured, able to deal effectively with all situations that arise as we are best school in bawal. Often parents fear that these positives characteristics will be lost because of the influence of presently day society.

Smt. Lalita Lugani
C.R. International School